Leading with Heart without breaking Yours

I recently found myself talking with a friend of my father’s from his younger days and was reminded that this gentleman, along with his family, were also small business owners. We often visited their family furniture store and I still do when I am nearby. My most recent purchase was a pair of candlesticks, the color unusual and perfect for my décor.

Our conversation eventually turned to where I lived and what I did for a living. This was all it took to hear more about his family business. They are a family business in every sense of the word and considered employees as family, warts and all.

My new friend goes on to say that when he ran the store, if someone didn’t work out, they moved the person aside and found another task for the person to do. They were and are still very forgiving. Now the next generation has taken over, the labor pool is tighter and it’s becoming harder to move someone aside. The generation now in charge continues to hold dear the family virtues and values.

So, what do you do when you want to be compassionate yet the person’s competencies are not measuring up to today’s business needs? Have you considered what your goodwill is costing you to pay two people to do a job when one qualified person is all you really need?

First, you are not alone in this experience.

Second, help is a phone call or email away. My consultative approach begins with hearing your story and what’s important to you as a leader. We’ll talk about what is and isn’t working.

Finally, I know from experience these situations don’t go away on their own. I offer solutions to help create fresh mindsets, redefine your hiring strategy and coach employee behaviors so the family business success continues for future generations.

Call Stacey at 412-580-8249 or email [email protected].

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