As a professional speaker, Stacey Etherson has presented programming to professionals. She also is available as an expert topic speaker on HR issues such as compliance, talent acquisition, problem-solving, process improvement and workforce development for conferences.

As a result of these programs, employers and/or board members learn how to communicate company goals, recruit and retain the right talent for your culture and are empowered to implement best human resource practices within their individual organizations.


For the past year, Stacey has presented regularly as part of the Community College for Allegheny County’s Continuing Professional Education programs.

Stacey Etherson is one of our most conscientious, reliable, and respected CCAC Professional Continuing Education adjunct instructors. Stacey has provided various programs on human capital topics to accountants who attend our programs on a regular basis. She is very well received and her course presentations, which range from traditional topics to emerging issues, are current and refreshing. Stacey continually provides interesting, thought provoking, and well planned presentations which are positively evaluated by our professional continuing education program participants.
Francis J. Sekula, Ph.D., M.H.A., M.P.A., Account Executive, Workforce Development, Community College of Allegheny County