Stacey Etherson

Stacey Etherson, Founder of HR Solutions for Small Business, brings over 20 years of consultative skills, gained through working in financial services. With compensation as a specialty, along with generalist skills gained from working with nonprofits, she helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations incorporate strategic human resources practices and tools to engage staff and grow as a company or organization.

Giving back…the Carl A. Truance Athletic Excellence Scholarship was created by Stacey in loving memory of a great uncle who was involved in local sports much of his adult life. She donates 10% of business revenue from clients in Jefferson and Indiana Counties to this scholarship.

Mission Statement

HR Solutions for Small Business provides small businesses and nonprofit organizations effective human resources tools and strategies which save time, engage their people/staff and help them to grow while also working to ensure compliance in today’s environment.


The mission and vision of the small businesses and nonprofit organizations in our communities is valued as they provide a much-needed product or service and jobs which help to grow our economy. Through listening to their needs, HR Solutions for Small Business helps them sustain their mission by collaborating on projects related to creating and maintaining simple and easy to use HR tools and respecting their decisions.


Small business and nonprofit organization leaders are consulted with and guided by utilizing various human resources tools and strategies. Our consultative approach is based on getting to know you as a leader, your mission and culture, and the goals for more effective ways to manage your people. Tools and strategies are intended to save you time, engage your staff, and grow your business while staying attuned to today’s regulated environment.