During any career, training and self directed learning supported by coaching helps employees and leaders succeed in their job roles while preparing to achieve future goals. The planning and design of programs based on the changing demands of today’s jobs are key in retaining top talent, engaging employees and achieving company goals.

Coaching Supervisors

We coach supervisors following the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards and focus on those new to their role. The client typically sets the agenda for their growth goals which may include creating positive culture, building relationships, delegating, effective communications, conflict resolution and coaching development.

We assist with:

  • Mindsets
  • Transforming Leaders
  • Improving Culture


Training needs are assessed and analyzed through surveys, focus groups, interviews with employees or in consultation with managers. We create and conduct customized training programs which help to develop employees and leaders.

We assist with:

  • Identifying Skill Gaps
  • Providing Soft Skills Training
  • Creating Team Building Programs


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