As employees are hired, or supervisors are promoted, there can be ongoing learning and development to ensure employees succeed in their new roles. The initial planning and design of programs as well as enhancements to existing programs based on the changing demands of the role are key in retaining top talent and engaging employees in company goals.


The success of implementing any new company strategy or initiative often comes down to how well the communications were received by the staff. We help to craft talking points to explain new strategies, tools or practices, how it affects the staff and relates to your overall mission and culture. Timely communications lead to a more engaged staff which in turn saves you time and helps you continue to grow.

We assist with:

  • Effective communication of company initiatives
  • Creating Communications Calendars
  • Coaching Leaders on Communications

Coaching Supervisors

We coach supervisors following the International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards and focus on those new to their role. The client typically sets the agenda for their growth goals. Areas of coaching are improving culture and managing staff through building relationships, delegating, effective communications, planning, conflict resolution and performance management.

We assist with:

  • Changing Mindsets 
  • Transforming Leaders 
  • Improving Culture 


Training needs are assessed and analyzed through surveys, focus groups, interviews with employees or in consultation with managers. Assist in developing and conducting general and specific training programs to help employees grow their skills.

We assist with:

  • Identifying Skill Gaps
  • Providing Soft Skills Training
  • Creating Team Building Programs