Self Compassion

Introduction to Mindful Practice

Welcome to this first audio introducing a Mindful Practice. During this series I will introduce Mindfulness, its benefits and then end with a brief Mindful Practice. Each Mindful Practice will be different. 

We start with a very simple 60 second breathing exercise. In the words of leading authority Jon Kabat-Zin, “if you can breathe, you can have a Mindful Practice”. 

CLICK HERE for the introduction to Mindfulness

In the second audio, we end with a Gratitude Mindful Practice in honor of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, sisters-in-law and other women who have mentored and cared for us.

The third audio will end with a compassion Mindful Practice.

Finally, the fourth audio will end with a loving-kindness Mindful Practice in remembrance of our veterans and family members who are no longer with us this Memorial Day weekend. 

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