Lead with your Heart

Lead with heart and a new mindset

This series about leadership continues with this story that was shared by another local business owner.

Here we see the importance of basic soft skills in developing and hiring our work force.

The owner of this particular business has several locations where she hires both highly trained individuals along with those who perform very basic administrative functions. She experiences the same problem with the lower skilled staff soon after they are hired – they do not show up to work – nor do they call to say they are not coming to work. This was unheard of when I began my career – yet times have changed.

The story gets better. A new employee called off every day but 1 during the first 2 weeks of employment. When this employee was finally fired, she was paid for the 1 day she worked. This individual then wanted to know why she wasn’t paid for the full 2 weeks. As I said the times have changed.
I know from experience these situations do not improve unless some change is made in how the business owner locates, interviews and hires qualified candidates. I address these strategies in my series Hiring doesn’t have to be Rocky.

If you don’t have time to read the series, I offer a complimentary discussion to better understand your situation. My consultative approach begins with hearing your story and what’s important to you as a leader. We’ll talk about what is and what is not working.

I offer solutions to define a hiring strategy with tools to fit your unique business; these tools are easily repurposed each time you hire. The outcomes are better qualified candidates for you to hire so you can spend more time on those business activities you prefer most.

Call Stacey at 412-580-8249 or email [email protected].

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