Spring Cleaning your HR Handbook

Many of us practice the habit of spring cleaning in our homes. For some, it becomes an annual ritual with specific tasks and time frames. One late relative washed the walls every spring. As I look back, I now realize this was probably required due to all the coal dust from the mines which hung on her walls.

For others, spring cleaning occurs every so many years; personally, I fall into this category. When we let things pile up at home and hang onto things which are no longer useful, workable or in style, the thought of cleaning out the closets, kitchen, garage or basement can be overwhelming.

The same can be said for employee policy handbooks. Over the years I have heard many stories. It’s really no one’s fault. We find other areas of our work which require our attention, are a higher priority, more suited to our gifts and/or are more enjoyable to do. Besides, where do we begin?

Call HR Solutions for Small Business. I am trained and experienced in reviewing handbooks and recommending policies needed for today’s working environment. My consultative approach begins with hearing your story and what’s important to you as a leader.

Summer can be a great time to tackle that handbook. As we work on the handbook together, my approach will save you time and money so you can enjoy the summer!

Call Stacey at 412-580-8249 or email [email protected].

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