Leading With Heart B

Leading With Heart B

My second leadership blog this month, “Leading with heart without breaking one”, is a follow up to the previous one as the story continues beginning with a recap.

I was approached by an employee who needed to see me about concerns with her job responsibilities and pay. She worked very hard during the year to pursue professional certifications required for advancement in her industry.

Her manager was supportive of her professional goals and provided real life experiences to help achieve those goals. With the support of her manager the employee believed she was well on her way to achieving her goals.

However, I learned there were 3 areas where the employee’s plans fell apart. This blog focuses on the third problem and shows the importance of discussing performance with an employee.

As alluded to in the prior blog, the manager was having difficulty being transparent about the rewards she could provide. Because of the exceptional work demonstrated by the employee, the manager added job responsibilities. Then, she provided only a written evaluation for the employee to read.

Three actions affected the employee’s experience with what could have been opportunity to celebrate her success and engage the employee further with the organization. First, no additional pay was provided for the new responsibilities. Next, none of the current

responsibilities were removed for taking on higher level work. Finally, the evaluation was given to the employee to read without the benefit of a face to face discussion.

Before giving an employee an annual evaluation in written form only or to learn how to address hard questions, contact Stacey Etherson, owner of HR Solutions for Small Business, LLC. I will help you with those difficult conversations so it’s a win-win for both of you.

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