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Hiring Doesn’t Have to be Rocky!

When I began to consider hanging my shingle for a human resources consulting practice, I researched different ways of organizing a business. One organization sponsored a half-day open house where they talked about all the different areas of starting a business. This event included live testimonials from past participants who are now in business thanks to this organization’s programming.

One particular presentation stood out. The co-owners of a grocery store in a redeveloping city neighborhood shared their story.

Product. Pitch. Marketing. Legal. Accounting. Website. Sales. Funding of all kinds from crowd-sourcing to agencies. Something was missing. Hmm. I waited patiently for them to finish, thinking surely, they will talk about their staff. After all, someone has to keep the business running during the day.

Another individual in the audience asked the question I was pondering. What about hiring staff she asked. The answer was all the validation I needed to go into business and the reason for this blog series.

One of the owners responded “You have to be careful…. Hiring can be rocky!”

Actually, hiring doesn’t have to be rocky when you follow a thoughtful approach and stick with it. Not having a plan can lead to hiring the wrong staff and that can be costly.

This blog series is intended to help the small business owner or non-profit leader with hiring staff. The next several blogs will outline a plan which can be adapted for your specific business and the talent you must acquire to grow your business.

I hope you will join me. Feel free to email me with questions or areas where more information or content would be help. My next blog is on its way.

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